The Cast

Spoilers! This section is kept up to date with the story, so there may be story details you don’t want to see if you haven’t caught up yet.

You have been warned.

The Mavericks:

Jessica Napier (Shade): Acerbic and rude, Jessica is no people’s hero, but she will fiercely fight for what she believes in. The defected clone-daughter of Rebecca Napier, Jessica is using the Mavericks as an outlet to fight both her mother and her past.

Physical Description: Redheaded, pale and freckled, many people overlook Jessica and her athletic build. Her costume is purple and black with a hooded cape.

Abilities: While not an anomaly, Jessica is still incredibly dangerous, taught from a young age in stealth, gadgetry and close quarters combat.

Alexander Marcio Santos-Malone (Onyx): Alex has always been kindhearted, but unfortunately lacks in the brains department. The former college linebacker dropped out of school after snapping his left leg in a freak injury. After losing his job at Cerberus, Alex is now trying to prove his worth to himself via heroism.

Physical Description: Brown haired. Tall, tan and bulky, Alex certainly has the archetypal hero’s build, but hardly carries himself that way. His costume is all-black and paramilitary with a gas mask.

Abilities: Umbrakinesis, Shadow Walking, Teleportation, Night Vision.

Friedrich Kravitz (Prism): Fritz spent a childhood chafing under his Orthodox Jewish parents, and became quite the troublemaking teenager. His mischievous impulsiveness cost him and Alex their Cerberus jobs, so now he’s getting his thrills as a vigilante.

Physical Description: Blonde, scrawny and short, but nonetheless able to make himself attractive. His costume is a white and yellow armored bodysuit with a domino mask.

Quinn Fletcher (Chiroptera): Student of the third American Spirit and mentor of Phantasm, the blind sister of the police chief has spent twenty lonely years in the shadows. She is ecstatic to be able to right her wrongs with Jessica and serve as the new Mavericks’ mission control.

Physical Description: Tall and dark-skinned with short curly black hair.

Abilities: Blind but possesses enhanced senses.

The Underworld:

Rebecca Napier (Phantasm): CEO of Cerberus Security and the woman responsible for the Mavericks disbandment, the short-tempered former vigilante is willing to do anything to fix her city for good.

Physical Description: Identical to Jessica except a few inches shorter and with (minimal) signs of aging. Costume is now white.

Abilities: Jessica, but stronger.

Nisa Jai Verion (Mouse): Tortured from the beginning of her existence, Mouse’s childhood consisted of endless painful lab experiments. Having escaped this fate, Mouse has built a criminal army so she can never be caged again.

Physical Description: Petite and albino, with a wolfish face.

Abilties: Can create any chemical compound inside her body.

Dr. Martin Salazar (Sonrisa): A gifted biologist from Colombia, the mad scientist runs a human trafficking to fund his many experiments since losing his job after Mouse’s escape.

Physical Description: A hideous mass of broken bones walking with a cane.

Abilities: Psychokinesis, Teleportation, Force Fields, Levitation.

Grigori Ivanovich: A Russian mobster with connections to the Kremlin. Wishes to expand the bratva to Southwest Florida.

Physical Description: Bald with a thick brown beard, over six foot and nearing three hundred pounds.

Abilities: Has no superpowers, unless one counts a copious amount of guns.


Gilda Fletcher: Police Chief of the Blackburn Police Department, Gilda is perhaps the only public official with squeaky clean hands.

Physical Description: Shorter and stockier than her sister, riddled with stress.

Abilities: Leadership and quick on the draw.

Dallas Cardozo: A cynical but well-meaning detective, Dallas is one of the few cops Gilda can trust.

Physical Description: Fairly average Cuban-American male with black hair and penchant for Hawaiian shirts.

Abilities: Investigation and Marksmanship.

Jefferson Higgins: Grew up in a middle-class West Indian neighborhood, but became addicted to film noir. Is now living out his dream of being a detective.

Physical Description: Fairly average Jamaican male with a penchant for out of style fashion.

Abilities: He’s like Jeff Bailey!