The Cast

Spoilers! I’ve done my best to minimze them, but this section is kept up to date with the story, so there may be story details you don’t want to see if you haven’t caught up yet. This list best serves to remind readers who wish to be reminded of already introduced characters.

The Mavericks:

Wilbur ScholzĀ (Shortcircuit): Multi-millionaire CEO of the tech conglomerate Scholz Enterprises, Wilbur is not the smooth charmer he pretends to be in public. He’s far more eccentric and awkward in reality, but still tries to do what he feels is right.

Abilities: Electrokinetic gloves, vast wealth and connections, trained in savate.


The Underworld:

??? (Skinnyman): Skinnyman is a kidnapper and human trafficker that the hardest of men fear. Some people think he’s an alien. Others think he’s a demon. No one has seen what he looks like under the mask, but everyone fears where Skinnyman has marked his turf.


Maverick allies:

Friedrich Kravitz: Head of the Creative Sciences division at Scholz Enterprises, Fritz is Wilbur’s best friend and confidant. His fun and quirky personality conflicts with his Orthodox Jewish upbringing, but he still worries about Wilbur and keeps him on the straight and narrow.

Nisa Verion (Mouse): Not much is known about Mouse, other than her unusual albino appearance and the fact she suddenly popped onto the scene in Blackburn one day. She’s reluctant to reveal much about her past, but she is willing to pass on information on the Blackburn underworld – for a price.



Jessica Napier: Usually seen by Mouse’s side, she is equally reticent to discuss her past – though those in the know are already aware of where she comes from…