The Cast


Spoilers ahead! Pages are kept up to date, so there may be story details you don’t want to see if you haven’t caught up yet.

The Mavericks

Wilbur ScholzĀ (Shortcircuit): The reason you don’t leave fortunes to manchildren.

Jessica Napier (Blacklight): If clones don’t have souls, and gingers don’t have souls, does Jessica have a negative soul?

The Underworld

??? (Skinnyman): Turned into a monster, he is a motherfucker.

Ryan Wallace (Blackout): Was voted most likely in his class to become a serial killer.

Maverick allies

Friedrich Kravitz: Does all the hard work, Wilbur just takes credit.

Nisa Verion (Mouse): The 70s called, they want their glasses back, sister.

Jefferson Higgins: His name Jeff.