Table of Contents

Mavericks Volume 1

1: First Among Equals

2: See No Evil, Speak No Evil

3: Evil Angel

4: The Golden Age

5: Thankless Bureaucrats

6: Bile

7: The Calm Before

8: The Storm

9: Pawns

10: Diversion

11: Pain

12: Bug Life

13: Don’t Stop Me Now

14: Smiling House of Horrors

15: Demons

16: The End of Everything

17: A New Beginning

Shade Volume 1

1: The Hunch

2: Bread Crumbs

3: Little Red Riding Hood

4: Tuck Your Shirt In

5: Perfectly Legitimate Businessman

6: Triple Play

7: Trust No One

8: Bad Feeling About This

9: May I Have This Dance

Short Stories

1: Rough Economy


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