About Mavericks


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How Mavericks begins:

The year is 2043. The city of Blackburn, Florida may look glitzy to tourists, but it is drowning under a tide of crime. The local superhero team, the Mavericks, disbanded twenty years ago after the sudden deaths of most of its members. The only former Maverick left in the public eye is Rebecca Napier, aka Phantasm, who now runs the massive Cerberus Security Corporation right in the heart of Blackburn.

But even Rebecca’s private army has done little to curb the horrid crime rate. With turmoil churning in the criminal underworld and a massive gang war ready to break out, Rebecca is willing to go to any length to finally bring peace to Blackburn.

With chaos ready to take Blackburn, the other remaining Maverick stumbles upon the only people she can trust to stop it: Rebecca’s disgruntled daughter Jessica and two ex-Cerberus operatives who will have to prove their worth as Blackburn’s new champions.

The story is written as a web serial, divided into story arcs and updated as chapters. Updates are, unfortunately, irregular, but expect at least multiple chapters per month. Also expect occasional short stories and bonus content. Fan comments will be replied to as soon as possible – we greatly appreciate all feedback!

While ultimately optimistic in tone, this is not a traditional superhero story and is not intended for young readers. There is intense, often visceral violence, strong language, plenty of drug uses and non-explicit sexual content. It’s easily R-rated.

All that being said, I hope you enjoy and leave us with your feedback!

~ Joker and the rest of the Maverick Team (Moss, London and Hammy)