About Mavericks

Mavericks follows four unlikely heroes in their quest to fight crime in the Rust Belt city of Blackburn. The threats to the city are immense, and each of them will have to fight internal battles to find the strength to keep the city from falling into complete chaos. Along the way they’ll assemble a supporting cast and learn to work together to combat villains they wouldn’t be able to alone.

While ultimately optimistic in tone, these are not traditional superhero stories and are not intended for younger readers. There is intense, often visceral violence, strong language, plenty of drug use and non-explicit sexual content.

The story is written as a web serial, divided into story arcs and uploaded as chapters. Updates are every Monday and Friday. Fan comments will be replied to as soon as possible – all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Don’t forget to follow the blog or sign up for email updates, and I hope I’ve written a great story for you to enjoy. – Joker